Monitor multiple websites in a single screen using the Dashboard LIVE Reports.

Penetration Monitoring

Confirm important features like signup, search, or downloadable files on your website aren’t slow or broken

Speed Test Monitoring

Check the load time of your website to find blocks that affect your customer’s end-user-experience.


All issues are verified by a second opinion to filter out false alerts by double-checking downtime.

Operational Time Monitoring

Verify your websites availability automatically. Keep track of uptime, downtime, reliability, network hop issues of your client’s websites. Test your HTTP/HTTPS websites in over 50 global polling locations

Incident Management

Improve your team’s incident workflow with the right alerts to the right person at the right time.


In today's information age competition, a smoothly operating Web site provides a distinct competitive advantage. On the Internet, the only hard currency is attention. A Web site that fails to deliver its content, either in a timely manner or at all, causes visitors to quickly lose interest, wasting the time and money invested in the web site development. Most infrastructure and application monitoring tools are great at notifying operations teams when issues occur. However, even with a 24/7 staff watching over your environment the average time to remediate issues can be anywhere between 15 - 35 minutes.

HAWK is a global performance monitoring solution for your websites and web applications. We monitor websites connected to the internet 24/7 using a global network of independent nodes. We send alerts by email of course, but our most popular features are Social media alerts, SMS alerts which we send just about anywhere in the world. There is no software to install and we begin monitoring as soon as you create your account.

About us

HAWK is a product of ITCSSG and it provides port, server and website monitoring and alerting services. ITCSSG, a California based Software organization, is a constantly growing and highly rated partner of many software systems apart from HAWK. Our Solutions & Services vertical includes Staffing, Mortgage, e-Commerce, Real Estate, ERP, Networking domains.

HAWK monitoring servers are located all around the world in reliable carrier-class data centers with nearly 0% downtime

Our Primary Activities

HAWK monitors the availability and performance of Internet-connected devices such as webpages, websites, servers, ports (HTTP, SMTP, FTP, MySQL, POP3, DNS, more), etc. We provide timely alert notifications and access to detailed reporting.

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